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Discover the Mermaid duo

Mermaid tail drawing in turquoise
Mermaid tail drawing in red

Seashells Rock! We're a dynamic mother-daughter duo crafting exquisite seashell art and décor sourced globally. With 30+ years combined experience, our attention to detail sets us apart.From intricate shell artwork and coastal decor to stunning seashell mirrors of any size, our portfolio boasts a diverse array of meticulously crafted pieces.


Our expertise extends to crafting shell decorations and beach-themed wall decorations that bring the serenity of coastal living into any space. Whether you're seeking nautical decor accents to evoke the charm of seaside living or coastal decor pieces to infuse your home with a beachy ambiance, our collection offers something for every taste. Explore our range of seashell boxes, picture frames, and furniture pieces to discover the perfect complement to your coastal-inspired decor vision.


Our deep-rooted love for both art and the ocean fuels our creativity, and we find immense joy in scouring the shores for unique shell treasures. For us, every empty shell tells a story, and we delight in infusing each creation with the beauty and magic of the sea.

In addition to our passion for seashell art, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous interior designers. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations. Our commitment to quality and punctuality ensures that our creations not only meet but surpass the standards of discerning clients. We are dedicated to making your design visions a reality, and our hard work and professionalism are evident in every piece we create.

Black & white drawing of a nautilus shell
Beachside Bio
Bea's Journey

Step into Bea's shell-tastic journey!

Starting her journey under the name Beas Tropical Designs, Bea worked tirelessly for more than 20 years, creating hundreds of handmade, beautiful seashell creations. Step into Bea's shell-tastic journey! From mesmerizing mirrors to stunning seashell boxes, her craftsmanship shines through. Explore our captivating photo carousel's showcasing Bea's incredible work over the years.

Some of these snapshots, captured before the era of high-quality cell phone cameras, tell the story of her remarkable artistic evolution. Take a stroll along the sandy shores with Bea as she gathers inspiration from the ocean's bounty, infusing her creations with the vibrant energy of beach life. Each piece tells a story of adventure and discovery, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea. Step into Bea's shell-tastic journey and discover the magic of her seashell artistry!

Black & white drawing of a seashell
Seashell Mirrors
Seashell wreaths, picture frames, clocks & more!
Seashell Boxes, crosses & lighting