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Ocean's Blush, another masterpiece by Jehan Valiente Davis, is a beautiful embodiment of the serene and enchanting hues of the sea during a beatiful sunset.


This blossom is meticulously crafted from an array of pearl abalone, creating a shimmering, iridescent effect that draws the eye. Apple blossoms and rose petal tellin add a touch of natural elegance, while light rose tellina introduces a subtle, pastel pink. The centerpiece, a pearled turban shell, anchors the composition with its smooth, radiant finish.


Spanning around 9 inches in circumference, Ocean's Blush is designed to bring a touch of the ocean's serene beauty into any environment, making it a perfect decorative piece for lovers of marine-inspired art. This creation exemplifies Jehan Valiente Davis's skill in transforming oceanic treasures into stunning works of art.

Ocean's Blush

Made to order, 1-2 week turnaround.
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