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Introducing "Ocean Sunset Glow" - an enchanting seashell cross handcrafted by the esteemed artist Beatriz Valiente. This stunning creation captures the essence of a twilight sunset over the ocean, radiating with hues of burgundy and orange from vibrant Pecten shells, complemented by delicate pink umboniums, olive gibbosa, and red Delphinula shells. Each shell is meticulously arranged to create a masterpiece of perfect textures and harmonious tones. As you gaze upon "Ocean Sunset Glow," it's as if you're witnessing the serene beauty of the ocean at dusk, feeling both calm and invigorated simultaneously.


Standing tall at 9 inches, each cross includes shipping for a seamless experience. And for those who wish to enrich their surroundings with more than one of Valiente's exquisite creations, a generous 10% discount awaits on the entire order, inviting you to bask in the captivating allure of "Ocean Sunset Glow" and its companions.

Ocean Sunset Glow

SKU: 117
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