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Designed by the renowned artist Jehan Valiente Davis, Pink Drift is an exquisite seashell blossom that captures the delicate beauty of the ocean's treasures.


This piece features dyed mother of pearl, adding a soft, lustrous glow. The unique texture and depth of dyed sea urchin are incorporated behind the blossom, enhancing its visual appeal. Various types of pearl abalone enhance the visual complexity, while rose petal tellin and apple blossoms contribute to the floral elegance. At the center, a Niloticus pearled trochus shell stands as a striking focal point, embodying the perfect balance of natural beauty and artistic craftsmanship.


Measuring approximately 9 inches in circumference, Pink Drift is a stunning addition to any space, radiating charm and sophistication, and is a testament to Jehan Valiente Davis's unparalleled ability to blend marine elements with artistic vision.

Pink Drift

Made to order, 1-2 week turnaround.
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