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Discover "Bumblebee Beach Hive" by Jehan Valiente Davis, an enchanting mirror that captures the whimsical life of bumblebees in a coastal setting. This intricate piece features 16 vibrant Haliotis kamtchatkana assimilis abalones in reds, oranges, blues, and yellows, accented by unique white barnacles. Hundreds of tiny white littorina shells, sundial seashell flowers with blue limpet shell petals, and red coral beads create a mesmerizing floral design. Measuring an impressive 28 inches in length and 19 inches in width, this mirror is a stunning addition to any space.


The inner frame is adorned with strawberry top shells and bumble bee shells, while green and yellow littorina shells outline the outer edge, symbolizing the hive's larvae. Yellow Trochomorpha Schmakerii shells represent honeycombs, and Mexican sunset striped clam shells at the corners add a touch of coastal charm.


At the heart of this design, the queen resides in a red-orange large abalone shell adorned at the bottom center of the mirror, with a prominent barnacle providing her sanctuary. The top features a turquoise blue large abalone shell with several large barnacles, where the most important worker bees live. Other worker bees are scattered throughout the hive, creating a vibrant, whimsical world of bees brought to life.


"Bumblebee Beach Hive" is a perfect addition to any beach-inspired decor, blending the beauty of coastal elements with the enchanting life of a bumblebee hive.

Bumblebee Beach Hive

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