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"Sea Peppermint" by artist Bea Valiente is a mesmerizing creation, blending soft-colored shells such as delicate blue limpets and pink tellins with pearly baby abalone and white shells. Its circular shape, measuring 18.5 inches in diameter, holds symbolic significance, representing unity and eternity—perfect for beach lovers or coastal homes seeking a touch of tranquility.
"Sea Peppermint" transcends mere decoration, becoming a portal to the serenity and beauty of coastal life. It serves as a reminder to pause, breathe, and appreciate the timeless allure of the sea.
As light dances upon its surface, the mirror radiates hints of brightness, reflecting the viewer's deep connection to the sea. Moreover, infused with the natural fragrances of the ocean and accompanied by the nostalgic sounds of waves, "Sea Peppermint" transforms any space into a serene sanctuary, where the beauty of coastal life is ever-present.


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Sea Peppermint

SKU: 009
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