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Introducing Seabreeze Splendor by Bea Valiente – a stunning circular mirror, 21 inches in circumference, adorned with an exquisite array of seashells.


This captivating piece features pearly abalone, tiny white littorina shells, blue limpets, pearly and white umbonium shells, white arks, and pearlized trochus seashells, each meticulously arranged to create a bright and calming design.


Every shell is perfectly placed, transforming this mirror into a serene masterpiece that reflects the tranquil beauty of the ocean. The soothing combination of pearly whites and gentle blues brings a calming oceanic vibe to any room, making it a perfect addition to your home decor.


Elevate your space with the elegant and peaceful charm of Bea Valiente’s latest design.


Seabreeze Splendor

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