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Introducing "Sunshine" - a radiant seashell cross meticulously crafted by the visionary artist Beatriz Valiente. Soft yellow pecten shells, reminiscent of golden rays, dance alongside graceful starfish, delicate sand dollars, pristine white arks, lustrous pearly umboniums, and ethereal white bubble shells, forming a celestial tableau that emanates pure joy and serenity.

The design exudes a sense of calm and happiness, captivating the heart with its tranquil beauty.

Standing proudly at 9 inches tall, each "Sunshine" cross includes shipping, ensuring a seamless experience for admirers near and far. And for those who seek to bask in the warmth of multiple pieces of Valiente's sublime artistry, a generous 10% discount awaits on the entire order, inviting you to embrace the radiant spirit of "Sunshine" and its companions.


SKU: 116
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