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Wave's Kiss, crafted by the talented Jehan Valiente Davis, is a captivating seashell blossom that celebrates the vibrant and dynamic nature of the ocean.


This piece features pink painted moon shells and dyed pink abalone inlay, creating a striking contrast of colors and textures. Various types of pearl abalone, along with dyed pink mother of pearl and light rose tellina, add layers of intricate detail. Tiny dyed pink clams and sunrise tellin tellina radiata clams enhance the blossom's complexity, while the pearled wavy top trochus shell at the center provides a mesmerizing focal point.


With a circumference of about 9 inches, Wave's Kiss is an exquisite piece that adds a burst of color and marine charm to any setting. This work of art showcases Jehan Valiente Davis's exceptional talent in capturing the essence of the sea and translating it into unique, breathtaking creations.

Wave's Kiss

Made to order, 1-2 week turnaround.
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