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Our Seashell Saga

Shell-ebrating Seashells Rock!

Mermaid with red hair and sunglasses with the words Seashells Rock!

Bea's Sandy Tale

Yellow Seashell

Beatriz Valiente, a seasoned seashell artist with over two decades of experience, has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally for her exceptional craftsmanship. Starting her journey under the name Beas Tropical Designs, Bea worked tirelessly for more than 20 years, creating hundreds of handmade, beautiful seashell creations. Her exquisite pieces have graced the sets of HBO's acclaimed series "True Blood" and have been showcased on the prestigious Today show. Notably, Bea has clinched numerous accolades, including a coveted first place ribbon at the esteemed Broward County shell show, as well as securing both first and second place ribbons at the renowned Sanibel Shell show.

Beyond her accolades, Bea's passion for seashells extends to collaborating with several interior designers, with her creations adorning spaces across the globe. When she is not immersed in her creative pursuits, you can find Bea shelling on the beach, scouring the shores for these natural treasures that inspire her art. Her fervent dedication to her craft shines through in every meticulously crafted piece, each reflecting the playful spirit of the sea she so adores.

TrueBloods vampire Queens House, with seashell planter
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Check out Bea's Seashell Planters, showcased on the popular HBO series TrueBlood!
Find the featured planter in the image above. 🐚

Sand & Soul: Meet Jehan

Yellow Seashell

Jehan Valiente Davis, following in her mother's artistic footsteps, boasts fifteen years of experience in the realm of artistry. Her talents have garnered attention from Hollywood, with actors Josh Duhamel and David Duchovny among the collectors of her paintings during 2012-2013. Presently, Jehan has redirected her artistic prowess towards the realm of seashell artistry, earning her the prestigious title of Best in Show for professional seashell artist at the Broward County shell show. Additionally, she clinched a first place ribbon at the esteemed Sanibel Shell show, further solidifying her standing as a rising star in the world of seashell artistry.

Witness Bea's Seashell Wreath in action as it steals the show on the esteemed Today Show!
Check out the featured video above. 🐚🎥

Dive into the waves of creativity and catch a glimpse of Jehan's artistic adventures in this breezy video.🐚🎥

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